Traveling With Horses

Whether you are just traveling through Pagosa Springs with your horse, or you want to bring your own horse to do fun, local equine activities, we welcome you all to come stay with us.

Coyote Hill Lodge offers six standing stalls available for guests to rent in our on-site horse barn. Stalls can be rented for $30 per stall, per night. Please contact Coyote Hill Lodge if you are interested in renting out any barn stalls. While in the horse barn, all barn rules must be followed.

Barn rules

1. No smoking or pets.
2. Stalls to be cleaned daily
3. Stalls to be left stripped and cleaned at end of stay.
4. All children under 12 must be under horse owner’s supervision at all times.
5. Gates and stall doors must remain closed.
6. Report any unsafe condition immediately.
7. Respect others: clean up after yourself and your horse.
8. Never enter a stall without permission.
9. No using other boarder’s equipment.
10. All riders must sign a release form before riding. It is a boarder’s responsibility
to ensure that all his/her guests have completely filled out and signed a
11. Do not feed horses ANYTHING unless you are the owner of the horse.
12. Absolutely no handling of horses, whether on the ground or riding, under the
influence of any illegal substance or alcohol
13. Horses may be turned out in paddock only behind barn. Do not use if another
horse is already in paddock.
14. Rider is responsible for checking fencing prior to riding on Coyote Hill property.
15. Please be aware that the land on Coyote Hill is rugged.
16. When tackling rugged country, make safety a priority. Think ahead, so you don’t
put yourself or your horse in a dangerous situation. Tell someone where you’re
riding and when you’re expected back. Don’t ride alone. Carry a cell phone on
your body, not on your horse, in case you become separated from it.
Under Colorado Law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death
of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of
equine activities, pursuant to section 13-21-119, Colorado Revised

*Coyote Hill Lodge provides only the stalls for rent. All bedding, food, and supplies
are not included in the stall rental fee.